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    A family or school holiday can be the ideal time for kids to learn to swim, and Happy Swim now offers swimming lessons abroad, at extra charge. We’ve rounded up the coming places, dates and groups we offer, from the Netherlands to Costa Rica to Spain in the Mediterranean.


    • Spain, Javea  (Denia region)   : 31-03-2018  – end oktober 2018
    • Netherlands, Herpen       : speed course in summer holdiday (july) 2018
    • Costa Rica, Mal Pais (Santa Theresa area): 15 january –  13 february 2018

  • Swim Courses

    In Spain:

    1 week course, you stay as our guest in a beautifull villa ( max.5 persons). In the week stay, your child(ren) learn how to swim in the private pool and you can enjoy the surrounding and or have a good holiday.

    Lessons are daily, we schedule lesson times together. So you can also get out as a family.

    Arrival on Saturday- departure on a Saturday. ( Every week starting from april -okt) ( excl. High summer season)

    Price:( excl. transfer/flights/meals/drinks and excursions) 

    Low season:  € 1650,- per week. 

    High season: € 2200,-  per week






    In Spain ( Javea/Xabia region) we have a private location. This means we have access to our own pool (12 x 5 meters) we will be offering our services every year from May/October. 

    Services: Private/Group/ speed courses.


    Daily lessons every day when our team is present. Look into travel schedule for dates and times.

    Advantages and experiences (indicated by parents themselves):

        “My child knows how to survive and be safe when it falls into the water”

       “Professional instructors, having fun, playing and very nice to the children”

        “Even in the group lessons, I was surprised how fast the children learned “

       “Structured and playful”

       “They deliver!!”

       “I was so happy with the guidance and communication the instructors had with with me regarding my child”

       “Survival minded, survival techniques , my child now survives and with a smile:-)”

       “So much knowledge, passion and perseverance”

       “Try them!! You will not be sorry!! 


    Register now for a free lesson  We will contact you for further details!

  • Projects in Costa Rica, Mal Pais (1 november- 28 februari 2018)

    Contact Happy Swim via info@happyswim.eu, fill in the contact form or call us on: (+31)413-397000

    Happy Swim Costa Rica

  • Baby survival is a special technique for very young children ( under 2 year old).
    Your baby is born with a natural instinct to close the airway when submersed under water. Infants are naturally relaxed in water.

    Encourages bonding with parent while teaching first the basic and than more advanced water safety skills. Parent is instructed on how to teach the child in our baby swimming lessons.

    Children who are walking (1-5 years) can learn to:
    *hold their breath in the water
    *swim with their face in the water to the steps, side, or parent
    *roll over onto their back when they need to breathe
    *flip back onto their tummy to continue swimming until reaching their destination, or roll to their back should they need to breathe again
    *perform these skills fully clothed

    The time frame for mastering these skills is typically 10 to 15 lessons (60 minutes).

    INTERMEDIATE SURVIVAL Basic swimming techniques
    Each student learns to dive in, surface, roll to a float, and get to the side or steps alone (appr. 10 meters).
    Strokes: Free style, back stroke.


    Your child progresses to an advanced sequence of swimming and rotating to their back, to breathe and rest the length of the pool, alone and fully clothed.

    Strokes: Backstroke, Free style, Breast stroke, diving for minimum of 3 meters

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  • Projects in Spain

    Contact Happy Swim via info@happyswim.eu, fill in the contact form or call us on: (+31)413-397000

    Happy Swim Spain


  • Private and semi-private lessons are a great option for (new) swimmers looking to catch up or get ahead.
    These lessons give you individualized attention to help improve or master swimming skills. You set the agenda by working with the instructor to determine goals. Curriculum is customized to meet these goals.

    Private and semi-private lessons are available in 1-, 3- or 7-lesson packages,

    Lessons with a minimum enrollment of three participants and a maximum of six participants to one instructor. Fun, playful and interactive with friends, siblings or family members:-)
    If the minimum enrollment is not met, we reserve the right to combine or cancel classes.

    Daily a minimum 3 and maximum of 5 hours swimming classes. These lessons are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

    Every 2 hours there is a 20 minute break. (drinks and snack not included)
    Minimum of 4 Turbo days required for Advanced Survival Level

    Full Diploma Course wit minimum of 24 hours in one week. Time and schedule customized.

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  • Contact through the organizers

    Do you and/or your parents/caregivers have any questions and/or comments?
    Then they can contact the organizers of Happy Swim International.
    Niels Mommersteeg & Angela Eikhout (+31)413-397000
    E-mail:  info@happyswim.eu or fill in the contact form.

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