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  • About Happy Swim International

    A family or school holiday can be the ideal time for kids to learn to swim, and Happy Swim now offers swimming lessons abroad.
    We offer daily/weekly lessons, speed courses in Spain and summer camp weeks (Spain: in July and August).
    Together with you as parent(s) we make a plan and start 🙂
    We always start with survival skills and when these skills are developed we enter the technique level.
    We instruct in Dutch fashion, with lots of fun and starting with swimming on the back for safety.
    Our diploma’s are internationally (ITA) acknowledged, we offer: Infant rescue (IRS) – A/B and C diploma.

  • Places, Dates and Groups:

    We’ve rounded up the coming places, dates and groups:

    Costa Rica to Spain 

    • Costa Rica, Mal Pais (Santa Theresa area): 1 december 2018 –  26 february 2019
    • Spain, Javea (Denia region): 31-03-2018 – end oktober 2018

    Infant rescue survival: working at our main goal, safety! 😁

    Posted by Happy Swim International on Saturday, June 9, 2018

  • Costa Rica & Spain:

    (Pre) Self Rescue (baby/Toddler rescue swimming)

    Pre self rescue swimming Classes are specifically designed to introduce your baby to the water in a fun and loving environment and prepare them for their swimming journey and the next step Self Rescue course. Classes are for babies and toddlers from 6 weeks upwards to join their parents in the water for 30 minutes of fun. Swimming is a bonding experience for parents and their baby, improving vital motor skills and offering a healthy activity for the body and mind. We have a holistic approach in our courses. We offer weekly morning and afternoon classes. 5 babies maximum per group. Mamma’s or daddy’s in the pool.

    From 6 months up we offer SELF RESCUE COURSE

    In our Self Rescue course children will learn how to survive should they fall in the water unexpectedly. Infants six months (crawling) to twelve months can learn to:

    • Hold their breath in the water ( Natural response up to 15 months);
    • Learn to turn, stay afloat, relax and breathe( and cry) until rescued by an adult;
    • Perform these skills fully clothed

    Some infants may even learn to propel a short distance through the water between two parents. Children who are walking (starting from 1 years old until as old as 6 years) can learn to:

    • Use breath control under water;
    • Swim with their face in the water to a safe place/parent;
    • Roll over onto their back when they need to breathe;
    • Perform these skills fully clothed;

    The course is 10 consecutive days, swimming each day for 30 minutes. Normally children complete the course within 10 days, however depending on your child’s needs extra lessons can be arranged if necessary. The lessons are one-on-one with an instructor Daily lessons every day when our team is present. Look into schedule for dates and times.

  • Advantages and experiences (indicated by parents themselves):

    “My child knows how to survive and be safe when it falls into the water”

    “Professional instructors, having fun, playing and very nice to the children”

    “Even in the group lessons, I was surprised how fast the children learned “

    “Structured and playful”

    “They deliver!!”

    “I was so happy with the guidance and communication the instructors had with with me regarding my child”

    “Survival minded, survival techniques , my child now survives and with a smile :-)”

    “So much knowledge, passion and perseverance”

    “Try them!! You will not be sorry!!

  • Happy Swim International Swimminglesson

    • Fantastic experience with Happy Swim International. These guys really know how to teach to kids, making the kids work hard while having a lot of fun. My 6 years old son loves it and can’t wait to go back every single time. He is quite a sporty kid but these guys exceeded my expectations, turning him in good swimmer in a record time. Really recommended especially if you are looking for fast results.

      Francesca Zunino
    • Nice place where they have personal attention for the needs of your child. With very good and efficient swim teachers, always with a smile and lots of nice games in the pool. Kids will learn to be confident in the water and how to safe themselfs. So go and let your children learn to swim, be safe in the water, in a playfull way!

      Ellen Weerman
    • Thanks for the mermaid swimming. Lily enjoyed it very much. See you next week for more mermaid diving

      Nina Sukup
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